We understand that being a landowner means much more than having your name on a deed.

Your land is your livelihood – and legacy. You nurture the earth, coaxing bounty from tiny seeds. There’s honor and pride in a day’s work, and hard work happens every day.

At Broad Reach Power, we have a deep respect for people who work the land. That respect extends to the long-term partnerships that we forge with landowners.

When we engage with a landowner, our guiding principles are simple: honesty and fairness.

Our goal is to provide landowners with a value-creating, revenue-generating asset, and we commit to remaining forthright and transparent through the life of the project.

Interested in Partnering with Broad Reach Power?

We are looking for property to lease or purchase for future energy development projects. Project size varies from constructing battery storage facilities (small land footprint) to solar and wind farm power generation projects (large, contiguous acreage required).

Battery Storage Facilities

  • Occupies a small footprint of land
  • 3-6 month installation
  • Zero emissions, zero noise
  • No traffic during operations

Solar and Wind Farm Generation

  • Occupies a large footprint of land
  • Requires full use of leased property for construction and operations

To learn more, please click on the link below to provide basic information about your property. One of our development team members will perform an initial evaluation and respond back.


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